The world's best true cloud-based SaaS(Software-as-a-Service)
digital twin and metaverse solution which is being
used in advanced countries and global enterprises.
With OnTwins, not only experts but also novices can build digital twins
and metaverses easily and quickly and manage physical worlds in real time.



Smart City

OnTwins enables building digital twins for a smart city applicable to urban planning, transportation, and environment.
By virtualizing the entire urban space as a digital twin, real-time monitoring, and pre-simulations to reduce the risk for the enormous cost required for urban realization are conducted.

Smart Factory

Digital twins enable optimized factory operation through real time factory monitoring, analysis, and prediction.
This maximizes the quality, cost and delivery of your factory based on OnTwins and always operates and manages your factories in optimal condition.

Smart Hospital

Digital twins help hospitals for their optimal operation through real time monitoring, analysis, and control of the hospital, which will provide the highest level of safety and services for patients, medical staffs, and caregivers.

Smart Port

Each resource such as cargo, ships, workers, transports, equipment, facilities, and systems in the port is connected to monitor each element and predict through big data analysis and simulation to optimize port operation and safety in real time based on digital twins.